Grief and the Incurable Optimist - Making Sense of Grief and Loss

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The Community Partners and Youth Beneficiaries of Acting Up are stepping out of shadows and stepping onto an online platform to share personal experiences of recovery. Exploring themes such as drug addictions, social struggles, grief and mental health afflictions, our 'human books' aim to debunk the myth of a "beautiful" recovery.. and share how struggles can be managed by every tiny success. "Readers" have an opportunity to interact, ask questions and affirm our speakers during the discussion forums. Each session will be moderated by staff from Acting Up. Come journey with us we trudge through tough times together.

Acting Up is a social enterprise that provides therapeutic follow up for youth at no cost to them. We are not funded by any organizations and rely fully on our workshop and courses to fund our projects and initiatives. Acting Up works with fellow community parners to provide employment, guidance and mentorship for youth in need. In turn, our Youth reach out to others in need through social projects. We would appreciate any amount of donation to ensure no young person is left behind during tough times. Kindly contact May at admin@actingupsingapore.com if you like to make a donation. Thank you for your kindness!

Title: Grief and the Incurable Optimist - Making Sense of Grief and Loss

I share my journey with grief and my discovery of what grief is in my lifetime experiencing the deaths of so many loved ones since the age of twelve. When does grief end when loss is a recurring experience? How does a person cope with loss of a loved one with the impending death of another? How must we approach grieving and yet remain sane?

About our Human Book

Audrey Yip is a mother of two and a retired Special Needs educator specialising in reading difficulties and Dyslexia. Often described by those who know her well as strong and positive she adopted the label Incurable Optimist. Audrey lost her husband, Jerry, to Leukemia in 2017. Six months later, in the midst of her mourning, her mother died from Pneumonia. Grieving over the loss of her husband was profound and confounding as she worked through the myriads of emotions and mental confusion. This prompted her to examine the phenomenon of grief where she uncovered new insights that helped her cope.

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Sat Jun 20, 2020
2:00 AM - 3:30 PM SGT
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